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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Play masak masak :)

during kh class, guess wad we did?? haha^^ we did sum cooking during kh~*members of our group: me , awlin, mchy +winnie* it was fun~ we brought our own food. i bring: rice, carrot, chili, cucumber,orange* but in d end used awlin punya orange xD* and water.
our group vry clean de. we use our own water 4 cooking + washing~ LOL!! u say?? clean anot??!! hahaha
then, we start wif chopping bawang putih n  merah~ then chop the carrot~ lols~ michy brought prawn~ haha~ n then do all kinds of wierd thing slaa...lazy to explain~sum how nt in a mood to update.
so, we start cooking..buka gas..put bawang this tat..yea wadeva..then alll ingredient laa...i skip aa? kay xD talking to myself again~^^
then we finish cooking~ waaa MICHELLE IS SUCH A MUMMYYYYY!! she cooks~ xD yummy horr?? michelle d mummy~^^~*dun angry aa u r really good @ cooking*
then we decorate wif cucumber @ d side of d plate. as 4 desert, use aw lin's orange *bought @ her hometown* n 4 water, michy brought root beer nyummmm :)
after tat, start eating~ the food was, err... quite nice actually~ better than expected~ bt d long bean was nt fully cook~ :\wad to do? fewl like laughing out loud~ trying nt to laugh out loud bcz our cooking marks depands on how well our manners is~ so, i was like keep on bitting on my tounge to control my laugher~ ..== swt eh??
n 1 more thing.. AW LIN'S ORANGE IS REALLY NYUM NYUM!!! GRRRR!! i like it!! xD

*this is nt d fried rice we cook.we cant bring camera to skul u i jz find sum pics from d net but our rice looks sumthin like this :)*
 Well, this isn't the orang awlin bought neither.jz found it in d net*

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Added new songs

Erm.. as i said..i added some new songs 2 my playlist~random playlist~ k-pop xD dunno y now crazie over k-pop~enjoy!!!

some pics i took last year's x'mas~

Friday, April 23, 2010



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rehersal for Hari Sukan (Senamrobik+Kawat kaki)

went early to skul..==notice tat i hav bean repeating this sentence during last week's post rite?? uh...haaiz.. i choose kawat kaki over senamrobik.. :\ duno y..dint went 4 senamrobik pratice n went 4 pandu piteri kawat kaki instead~~^^~~
actually marching is quite fun u noe~ i kinda enjoyed today's marching except tat i m ''kinda'' short.. :( so its fun n ok la~ still quite messy 4 my opinion laa.
practise under the 'hot hot' sun for 2.30 hours!!!hahas...==after tat went 4 senamrobik practise laa~
k..u may think tat i suddenly gt mad huh? hehe
then about 12.40pm we r kinda unlucky ''again'' ..== same wif last year...we  r d  1st  team  to  preform  as well... guess we r born 2 b 1st uh? hahas!! xD
2nd group in Hijau, then comin up 3rd Biru n last is kuning :D

our group dance Change by HyunA~ hehe^^ to me, out group dint do our best laa~ can do even better~ A a A a A a A a A a~ change change*humming d song-.-||*
lols~ the cik chee comment abuot all groups..n seems tat her fav is rumah hijau :(
later practise in d evening^^ 5.05pm~ we went to d hall 2 practise~ had great fun together wof rumah biru!! Best couple team xD
Delima + Nilam Rulezzzzz!!!
mmm...we kinda gone dancing to wad we feel like dancing^^ n our PINK PHANTHER!!!hehehe^^ n then suddenly dance ''cha cha''~ n Telephone-Lady gaga~ hehehe gila gila group~ well, wad else?anyway, all that i can say tat we hav GREAT FUN TODAY!! :D hope 2 b so happie everyday :) well, nitez..gotta slp...if nt tmr cnt wake up hehe^^ ko-op friday crazy group i m comin!!!! :Dwait 4 my next update!!! n saturday gt replacement class!! rem to cum 2 skul my frendzzzz!! haha~~!! byeee!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Making Pizza

uncle going bck to penang today. so morning bring him to bukui jalil 2 buy ticket 4 d bus*lazy 2 drive cz oni 1 org*
aftertat, went 4 chinese tuition..:( dun like
later,cum bck home to ?? hehe^^ PIZZA love pizza!!
made pizza!!!
well, gonna upload sum of d pizza pic~
aactually wanna edit d pics, u know.. i m a vry lazy person. so, hahaha^^ u noe~ i wont edit laaa xP anyway, hope u enjoy getting hungry by looking @ the pics!!!! hehe


after!! xDlooks abit burned..
but it taste vry good!!! delisiousssssssssssssssss~!!!nyummmmmm!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday ko-op crazy team + pandu puteri + er..??

rite!! look @ title...'Friday ko-op crazy team..' well?? get it? its usual...on fri morning, gt ko-op) de ko-op...extremly crazy 1 to day..wad was d topic again?? well...kinda 4get...errr...ya!! i 4got y i luagh'roll' down frm d chair to d floor...laughing to crazyly *erm..spelling wrong?? its like duh..of cz *n... ya..we*pik jiun, meow n gold fish*use our left hand*gold fish - right* to write frm a-z...aww...jz cant get y i cant write it nicely...T.,T grrr...try it out yourself if u r laughing now...hehe^^ gonna update d (a-z) pic i wrote tday anotherdaay..kinda nt vry free..:(
well, after tat, went 4 pandu puteri perjumpaan as aw lin n eva!! yippee!! 3 coy leader :) kinda march together!! woosh!! it was fun^^ nvr had so much fun marching ever~ ;) it was  like phew...then over d glad rite/??? hehekinda perasan laa..but i really think tat we(awlin me + eva) march quite well actually. neat!!
er...wadeva..if i continue saying tat, u will pengsan like standing under d sun not moving n hot!!!hehes...
so, did i write bout tat i next week we*uh u lin me + eva...again* we will like erm..uruskan d perhimpunan xD FUN FUN FUN!! hehe.. so awlin will b d mc, rosmelah will say doa, then me n eva's show time!!! TADAA!!! jeez..i damn perasan rite?? ahahaha i noe noe noe xP we will b singing negaraku--lagu negeri + lagu sekolah~ lalalalala!! like USUAL~ duh...then then solo time!! haha perasan lerrhhh!!! i will baca ikra*speling rite anot?* n wadeva laa..jz wait n c :) u r gonna hav a surprise!! n...erm..hanu, hema, tharsini*sry duno spelling*--naikkan bendera!!
so had rehersal 4 d perhimpunan next mon!! :D great fun!! i actually noe how to setup d mic @ dewan!! so damn surpise plus proud!! hehe..perasan again xD

Thursday, April 15, 2010

ujian segak*part 2*

2day...yayaya!! senamrobik..D.E.L.I.M.A!!!IS DA BEST!!!*swt??hehe*
k..fnish dancing.yey!!!happy~ should we b glad?? of cz we should..hope to do well during hari sukan:)
came early to skul..zzz...slppy...
wel...skip skip skip!!*fast forward  haha*
dont say bout class boring*n quite fun actually bt ntg 2 say, actually 1 2 say gt de, bt u wont even bother to read rite???*
so jump to pj class. wow!! i tought no more pumping??nt  sure spelling lerh...uh wadeva~ did pumping ...== i cant imagine how ugly i look when i did teruk???HOW TERUK??? sook lin n shirleen YENG!! GENG!!! PROOOoooo!! walao.. they did so damn fast about i think 50 more times in 1 min...*they must b nuts*
thinking bout all those activities...i really need 2 b on diet...:(((( anyway, wadeva...wadeva...WADEVA!!!
tmr ned to go early to school again...D: awwww...sad rite??? i noe its sad 4 u, bye....gtg S.L.P!!!!*i m such a pig..*-.-|||

nites girls!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crazy kim kim ^^

today 1st day bertugas wif junior :)
wadeva..ntg much to say..
then later, kim kim was...well? title says it alll!! duh! KIM YOKE WENT MADDDDDD!!! 'bian tai' 1 her u noe? haaiz wadeva..slppyy....wanna slp...but needa do hw..bye....

1ST JUNIOR!!*probat*13th april

today in skul, during perhimpunan, me n kim sing lagu negaraku, lagu negeri n lagu sekolah. n so damn unluckly the pa sistem, me n kim sing without music.. was like satu dua tiga- negaraku...tanah....conitnue.... then satu dua tiga...*lagu negeri..* then one two three...kami muraid sema dari tmn petaling...*lagu sekolah* guess who say d one two three instead of satu dua tiga..duh!! me laa...
haaiz wadeva..
then, erm...wad edi har?? oh ya!! after perhimpunan, WE HAV OUR PROBATIONERS!!!!!!! OMG!! OMG!!OMG!!OMG!! hahax!!! happie lerh!!
its was like follow our jawatan n giv d probat d.. haha^^ i gt loh kar mun 4 my FIRST PROBAT!! she should b proud rite?? hehe xP perasan :D
during recess she is earlier then me to reach my tempat jagaan D: y so earlyyy???? =(anyway, 1st thing i tought her was to say ''HI KAK!!' when u meet a senior. so happie someone called me kak!!! jeez...i must b wierd eh??

Probationer list
  • Loh Kar Mun

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chopin "Fantasie" Impromptu, Op. 66

Currently learning this song - Chopin "fantasie" impromptu, op.66
this song so great!! :Dlooks tough...

click ''fantasie impromptu'' * the link* above. Enjoy :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kawat + Help

come early 4 ko-op as usual.
then discuss 4 bm lisan thinggy again. then kawat 4 pandu puteri :)
damn..this yer need masuk kawat + senam robik.. kesian anot?? :(
k wad eva!!
then after keawat kaki duno is ai lyn or kim or whoever la..ask us go help take chairs to dewan!! so jz help la!!助人为快乐之本hehe*tak faham dun care la*
n we help looo~ me pk jiun aw lin eva kim yoke ai lyn vidhya navinaa sharmila shanisha + many others la..4 get d xD
elp help help!! hot hot hot!!! damn panas lerh!! we even took d chairs from blok c to dewan..we mustb  vry strong!!
then later bought drinks n bla bla bla!! damn tired weyh..dun even eel like continue wrting me bloggie.. zzz...i wanna slp..
so i jz simply write eh!!
after all d hard work, me, pik jiun kat aw lin n kim + maddie eva shouted in class!!! FUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! oh u jz cant imagine how fun it is!! :D so so damn bloddy fun!!FUNNN
+4 get to say, our class in blok E - 3Teratai.
tatz all 4 yan the slpeepy head...zzz..nitez...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

ujian segak

ujian segak!!
ok..this title stole from michy xD n kim aso gav me d idea. ceh~!!
not fun aso ;|
hehe^^ bt i stil gonna rite bout it..wad to say? its boring n not fun.??
uh wad eva...  i cam e to blog cz...wad r u guessing??
...=.=|| walao...since when u bcame so clever?? ya rite..i m BORED!!!
tmr going to skul early again...haaiz..:( sien ooo...OMG!!  4 get!! i havent touch my HOMEWORK yet!!!!!!! OHH MAN!!!

 specially 4 pik jiun :D crazy one piece fan...-.-

bye guys!!! got da rush RUSH rush d =) GAMBATEH!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

'Qing ming" + cut hair

went bck penang @ 4am in d morning (saturday).
reach penang bout 9am. later go hav hair cut^^ yippee~
i told d hair stylist to rim my hair n maintain my hairstyle...n my mum told her to cut untill wont touch my coller of skul uniform -.-|||(imagine how short??)aiyo!! damn la...
she use less than 10 min finish cutting my hair...n...i feel like punching her in d face!!!
1. she dint maintain my hair style
2. she cutting it so short like...mushroom...
3. 2. its like MUSHROOM!!!
4. do she noe how to cut? its sengek abit d?? she did it on purpose or???
5. she dint even show me how the back of me hair looks like!!
6. er...its jz she it irritating!!!
7. yup!! irritating!!
8. again!! irritating!!!!>.<
9. die la!! so damn IRRITATING!!!

okay..finish scolding^^

after tat in d afternoon went qing ming. ntg to say bout tat. its so damn smoky..:)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cheapderella drama

reach school early today because well , bus, as u know. stress...tired...:(
er...dun care la!!
reach bout 7.00am n wait wait wait...then go open ko-op n bla bla bla~ banyak grandmother story oooh:)
then *guess who is 1st to arrive*, u now wad? PIK JUIN came 1st!!! happie :D
after tat, guess who's 2nd? ya rite kim kim^^
later, who is last leh? uh..a kat loooh x)
kat the talketive :D
kat so damn crazy laarh make me laugh like mad...:|*paiseh*
then practise drama...after lunch, practise drama again so damn funny laa~
after tat got pandu puteri perjumpaan. quitie fun n mayb nt bt i enjoyed myself :D
hmm...todays most fav activity is...........

me*ketua of d group*, kim*mua price charming xD*, navitra*@w@evil stepsis* n sharmila*#cough cough cough#old step mother*
we practise 4 quite alot...about 3 times.*quite little rite?*
1st time i acted on stage n its really fun ^^
most of d ppl r laughing like maddies!! expecially when my shoe flew off!! xP*n when navitra fell down kekeke*

tatz all 4 2day. wont b on 9ing 4 2days.going bck 4 'qing ming' . bye yaa~
nites z__z