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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mid Year Exam*part 2 2010*

duno watz wrong wif me..ytd b4 exam during program D.E.A.R ( Drop Everthing Ang Read) my stomach was hurting like HELL!! HELL!! grr..
i was in Pain..:( so damn pain man!!
during exam i was also having stomach ache..uh unlucky...N N N I NEARLY STEP ON A LIZARD!!! x(((( die..
now i m still worried about my exam cz i dont think i did well in english paper 1 n 2..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mid year Test

haaiz..sry 4 da late update. being bz studying.

Wish me luck!! :(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teachers Day*14may*

Ytd was teachers day!! oops!! sry!! 4get bout it ytd.
trying a new kinda style eh hehe^^ point form.
-went 2 school early.
-later then kim yoke
-put bags in prefects room.
-gather in front of disiplin room.
-line up in lng long line along d corridor.
-take gift to giv to da teacher.
-gav dift 2 pn.syarezuana.
-then bertugas under d sun.
-pengetua giv speech.
-morning prefect dance.*nice ^^*
-then singing rox!!!
-eat in blike pengawas.
- students go to hall 2 c performance.
- prefects bcum workers.go pick rubbish around da skul.
- after tat, go 2 hall 2 c performance.
-1st performance was dancing=indian dance.
- this year alot of indian dancing indian stuf..==
-singing, fashion show n piano performance.
-well, quite boring actually, me end up reading d book i borrow frm junior-'tarot angle' nice book u noe :D
-tis tat tis tat...alot.
-in d end X enough performnce so student whoever la wanna do performance jz do in on stage.
-ppl sing n dance.
-1 idoit who dance shuffle like s@k@! dancing crazy moves..==dance wad..
teachers gav tat dance vry bad comments..==
tat all i think.
tq 4 spending time reading my blog ;)

NOBODY(chinese version)
super  funny. took d link frm friends fb.

Friday, May 14, 2010


sumthing i saw on fb.

mm..izzit too small?unclear?? hope it helps :\

Monday, May 10, 2010


well, i m bored n now o9ing. LO!!
k..i m actually doin art homework, n doin the topic 'harmony', chapter 7.
finding pics frm d net to do dis chapter. should i upload sum of d photes i found frm d net to blogggie??? should i? should i not..hmm...hehe^^ k~since i'm ina gud mood, i will up load sum of them~ haha

n more to cum!! wait up!!
...lazy liao..daddy asking me to slp..grrrr..
detials next time~ tat all nite :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sports Day!!!!(28April2010 jz fyi)

Today is Sports Day...i'm supposed to pick up winnie n fetch her bck n well i slept in until 6.45 (sport starts at 7.30 jz fyi) n i scared her to death (sowie winnie) n reach the stadium at like 7.25 n it oni starts at acara is 3km runing thingy la...1st n 2nd is nilam 3rd i think is zamrud or izit delima...watever la...i wan to skip to senam robik...well...1st to perform is delima 2nd is zamrud then nilam n lastly is topaz...n senam robik delima win this year bt i promise u u wont win the nex year jz jk...2nd place went to nilam n 3rd is zamrud...btw katrina u so geng lari pecut sangat cepat leh...taekwondo did demo for this year sports proud...then skip to kawat kaki there...all aso vry cantik i like bsmm,pandu puteri, kadet polis n kadet remaja (so pro they all)...n kadet polis gt the 1st place ,kadet remaja gt 2nd place n bsmm gt 3rd place...this winner is rumah sukan nilam!!(ITS OK ITS ALRITE COME ON NILAM FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!)correct me if i'm wrong...Zamrud 2nd Delima 3rd n Topaz last (ha!!in ur la jz jk)...olahragawati for this year class 1 is nilam one idk wats her name n class 2 is regina nilam one aso (yes^^)ok thts all n no pics sowie didn't bring camera.

Love,Michy xoxo muack