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Saturday, July 31, 2010


chinese society had some activities yesterday.
its + food = fun
don't know how to describe. its jz fun
1st we kinda had 7 ppl in a group n there is 6 station(games)
n we start wif
station 2(咬着饼干绕口令)我还吃了2块饼干呢!!! k wateva.

station 3&4 (2person neither hug each other or back to bck n take a water ballon to a place then run 1 big round n 5times around d chair n then sit on d ballon!! n make sure it pops!!! ) ...this game was fun bt..i wet my pants!!! n i cant even burst a ballon!!!

station 5 (背成语然后写出来) its was nt vry fun. 2 me. cz i kinda hav bad memory xP

station 6 (using straw about 7cm to pass rubber bands!!) ahh...its is fun!! bt ist quite dangerous!! we may loss your 1st kisss!!! oh no!! gud thing no body lost theirs..i think.we pass about 13 rubberbands i thikn. keep on adding rubberbands.

station 1 (演成语) acting out d word. er..quite fun lasy to tell more detials.

mm...did i miss out anydetails? i cant rem. then we had our break. had noodless n cocktail +fislballs!!! 1 more ABC or known as ice kacang xD
we listen to korean songs while eating.
tatz all 4 today. lazy to type more~ byeee~!!!


shinee on radio!!!!!
link below:
SHINee - radio(sukira)

cuteeee!! taemin opppaaaa~!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Complicated day + crying mood

it started as a normal friday. then when skul's about to start @ 2.15pm, sumthing jz happen. n we*prefects* did some spotcheck. okok. mayb nt sum but  alot~
did spotcheck 4 mayb more than 2hours. n we really check nearly everyplaces -even bushes- in our skul. fing some barang rampasan.
its was a real disaster.we found ntg n it was recess time d. after recess,.... wel...this is where the real disaster came=.=...
it was really...haaaizzzz...speeechlesssss..
went down bcz gt inform that hp was found!! in toilet..k..mayb outside d toilet!! thx to pik juin^^
bt then duno how ppl got scolding..n this time is when betrayel happend...lazy to tell more details. XXX dun cry d ooh :) stronggggg!!! how can u b so weak eh?? cum on stand up aa!! :D we believe in u de ^^

tat was about in skul. now, SHINEEEEE!!! their live performaces!!! SHINee- Up & Down + Lucifer (live) awww~ minho is nt feeling well during then. i mean today xP its still a nice video. hav a look @ d link  kay~!! there SHINee- Up & Down + Lucifer (live)

this is Up & Down by shinee. mp3 version :) enjoyy~

"True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice."- Samuel Johnston
"A true friend stabs you in the front."
- Oscar Wilde

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lucifer - SHINee


try listening to it :) SHINee Lucifer  well, d dance was great bt i dun quite like key n onew's hair. <3 taemin x3

there~ the video of LUCIFER
shinee the second mini album!!! love another song frm tat album (up & down) niceee!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

No title-1

eh..miz me anot??? xD jkjk..
well, thrs actualllyyy alot to say. bt i simple word..lazy .. makes me dun wanna type it ''ALL'' out~ hehe
mm..i will say  about today. later i m gonna go CUT MY HAIRRRRRR~!! well, yeah. i m goonnnnaaa CUT MY HAIR!!!
then later going to buy the red colour thinggy 4 geo folio ^^ n wynne's pressent if i can fing sunthing nice :)

n currectly learning to ply 'oasis'. awww~ such nice song its'n n BIG BANG-LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE :D brilliant song. 

i m playing this song jz 4 u...

tatz all 4 now. bye~!!!