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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Merdeka Practise!!!*bukit jalil*

oo....tireddddddDD!!!!!!! tell u bout d merdeka .mayb nt. lazy nee~
2day i reach skul @ 5.50 am!!! >.< imagine tat!!! went to bukiy jalil @ 6.30am sumthing i think.. i bring my phone, bluetooth n earphone to bukit jalil 2 listen song nt so boring.(damn cacat laa. duno how da express my feeling..==)

wait 4 long long time thenonly our turn to practise. i think i did some mistake.haaiz nvrm. alot or armyyyyy!!! >.< smellyyy hahas~!anyway, enjoy my time over thr!!! not everybody hav d luck to go thr n perform u noe~! haha1!!proud!!! *u must b thinking tat i'm crazy rite??* anyway, i jz cant discribe every thing tat happen thr. too much things going on. pic!!!i will upload it!! wait nia~!!!
n we r on NEWSPAPER!! THE STAR!!! OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!! link ---> Selangor students practise @ bukit jalil :)

abit of d practise bt nt by us.
sry bt its not clear. :(

cool man!!! *n dont shoot meeee!!! *

haha~guess which 1 is me?? :)

*penguin punya baju!!!*

most of pics r frm Kat's fb. so credits to her :D

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Merdeka practise + Exam(1st day)

well.. went to sjk(c) pandamaran B 4 d merdeka practise :) wif lots more of skul n tadika!! cute nee~!!
alot of things happen n lazy to explain.
1st day of exam!! SEJARAH N ENGLISH!! OMG~!!! luckily jz pass..ytd :) today is saturday bt gt replacement class so, go to skul as usual :) the bus to pandamaran B skul is so damn colddd!!! >.< freeezinggggg@@bringin jacket thr evryday!! n goin to bukit jalil 4 practise this tues cant wait!!

tatz all.. no time to say more :) n slppyy...havent bein slping 4 more than 6 hours everyday..:( slpppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nitez...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Exam + Merdeka practtise +puasa + k-pop

....too bz lately..stresss!!!

well, 1st tell u bout exams.. this comin friday is da 1st day of exam. bt d exam will b skipping here n thr. kinda tough to explain.
well, 1st day of exam hav history n eng. :'( history! SEJARAH!!!  1st day of exxam!!

well..wad to do???i havent study yet.. haaiz.then nearly every morning gtg to skul for d merdeka performance practise. holding our wierd looking 'pom pom'. its ya..its d word!! pom pom..sumthing like ceerleading n sumthing like sticks dancing == is difficult to discribe.

well. tatz all. next..about puasa. the malays r puasa'ing (lol duno how da sayy) kay. so skul start early like 12.30 n end at 5.30 :D great news rite???bt still need to wait 4 bus..45 minutes standing thr like a jerk..==
LASTLY!! NEW GIRL GROUP - GP Basic!!!!! omg..i m nuts.. their new song. hope u cn enjoy.

GP Basic - Game(remix ver.)

thrs still another group tat currenly i like listening to thr songs. MISS A!!!

mm..i will upload their songs if i hav time.. enjoy byeeee!!!