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Monday, August 31, 2009

Back from Penang / HOLIDAY OVER / Merdeka

Today is Hari Kebangsaan/ Merdeka Day. I dint celebrate.Nothing to celebrate.
From penang to KL.
Nearly 6.30pm reach home.
Home sweet home!!!
O no!!Tomolo school reopen!!!
Haiz~so sienz~
Happy to c my frendz, bt not teachers nor homeworks!!!
Havent finish my Geo n Sejarah folio~
Wonder when pass up~
Hope not tomolo~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Penang

In Penang 2nd day ard!!

Its none stop raining. 2 days raining none stop.

This morning, my 2 aunt, mum, me n our maid(kak Midah) make 'pau'.

Well, we make vry tiny size. But when we steam it out...OMG!! It was soo big.

haha!! its the 1st time i did 'pau' but the result came out quite well^^

soo happy^^

Have quite a fun day!!

I will uploade some pic when the time i m back to KL.

Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going back to Penang

Okie~ tomolo i'm going back to my hometown, Penang.
Hope my aunt gt internet 4 me to use..
If not, i can kill my self edi...
Still need to do Geo n Sejarah folio!!!
Arh!!!Hate it sooooo much!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Holiday...Tooooo boring le!!!
Cannot tahan edi lar!!!
Y a little ppl on9 de a??!!
Frendz!! Faster on lar!!
On longer o =0

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nt feeling well...

Like usual.
On9 since 7.30am to nearly 10pm lor~
Bt so boring!!
Y so little ppl on9 de a?!!
Duno y, not feeling quite well...
Hope to have a more happy holiday~

Boring Holiday

Sometimes, holiday is vry boring~
Gt nothing much to do~
Although i can on9 4 so long, bt nobody to chat with~
Alot of Folio to do~Bt lazy me will nt do it now~

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today me n my family went to the 'Prince'.
Jus to tengok tengok. like buzybody~hehehe~

Outside 'Prince'

Outside 'Prince' can c 'Twin Tower'

Well, last week, we went to 'StarHill'.
Wow! 'SatrHill' was like... my god.. Every thing there was so 贵!!
The things there all so high end stuff. 1 pen, few thousand.
不难怪not much people go there lor~
N later that we pergi jalan jalan @ orther places lor~
We went alot of places untill i dont even rem where we went.

I jalan until my kaki 1 patah edi~Tak boleh tahan~
I still bought a book '太阳城'

Thaz y i dont quite like shopping lor~
Well. all i know thad today is a tired day lor~

Friday, August 21, 2009

EXAM!!!! FINISH!!!!!

Today last day exam.
Well, i din't study much.
So, the exam was okie only lor~
Me n Aw lin gone mad like usual again~^^
hehe~Study untill MCC.
Now exam is over!!! I feel like flying to the sky~ Soo happy~ All the burden i gone!!! WooHoo!!


Today exam Seni.
Ok ok lar~
Now i noe some of my exam result.

Marks for some subject
KH : 70
BI : 90
Math : 100

I think thaz all. So happy^^Math i gt 100!!! Class highest marks!!
Actually i din't even think i will get 100 in Math. But IT IS A MIRACLE!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

B.C n Geo exam~

BC exam was easy~ Wish to score 90 above or maybe even 95 above.
I didn't finish study geo at home. Bt we gt 2hours to study geo. Me, Aw Lin n Shirleen study together.
N becoz of studing together, before the exam star 5 min, i kinda get wad it means.
So when exam, it was like everything we studied just now came out. So happy^^
It was like, so.. easy.Although i gt make a few mistakes i think.
Hope to score high marks this time!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Math exam is easy~Piece of cake^^
I m so happy!! Math i was able to do finish n check all of it in 1hour time!!
Well, actually i did wrong @ the subjektif question. I did it with pencil. When I notice it, i did untill Q.5 edi. So i quickly rub it off n redo it again.
N then for Moral n K.H was ok.
Not vry easy nor hard. ok ok only.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2nd day of Exam

Well, gt BM, BI n Science exam.
Ok lar~ Not vry hard nor easy~
Anyway, just wish me gud luck again!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Vry scared...
Exam today...Duno wad will happen to me..
Well, Wish Me Gud Luck!!
Hope 2 Get FLYING COLOUR 4 my exam!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pn. Syarezuana coming back!!

Today is the last day of miss nurul teaching us.
N!! Pn. Syarezuana is coming back tomrrow!!
Today cik nurul came into class like normal(the class is noisy) n she teach us math like usual n we do not understand.
She take pic of students of 1 Teratai.
During recess, she take individual pic.
Me, Kim Yoke n Aw Lin aso took piic with teacher.
We gt her f/s, n MSN add.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Need too hurry up!!!
Finish the Sivik folio!!!
My god...Not much time left for me to finish the folio...
Must be done before Monday coz must pass it up on Monday...
Any idea for the decoration?? T.T
Tell me plsss...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boring Day...

Another boring day...
Don't know y...Lately I have no mood...
It is like suddenly no mood...
Haiz~ 4get about it!!
Well, today Pn. Hamidah, our Moral teacher ask us the nilai (the moral thiggy).
I said all of the moral values already!!Yippeeee^^
So happy^^ It was from Nilai5.1 to 5.5 when i am done memorizing it in front of Pn. Hamidah i was like..WooHooo!!!hahahaha^^ none stop laughing~(like a maddie~)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exam Coming

Wow..Next week got exam ard... My god...
Need To study hard o^^ Gambateh!!! Must do ur best o^^

Wish u all the best 1 Teratai students!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pengwas Camp → Leadership Adventure Camp

Wow!! The camp is finally over!!
The 3Days 2Nights Leadership & Adventure Camp is finally over!!
WOW!!^^ happy~
well.. the camp is in Janda Baik.
Day 1
On the first day, that is 31-7-09 we arrive @ school @ 9am. N bertolak dari sekolah ke sana @ nearly 10am i think~ On the bus, I sit with Aw Lin. Nearly everybody was having fun in the bus Thanks 4 Shamala~Our 'Laughing Beauty'. When we reach there, we have our program Briefing. Then we set up our camp. N then start with all the boring talk's~(like always) We have our Lunch. Then we are divided into groups. There is 4 groups, iaitu, Haruan, Kelisa, Jelawat N Telapia. N i m in Kelisa~
Before dinner, we went for a bath. OMG!! I took my clothes form our camp( camp 6). N then, me, kim yoke n aw lin faster went to the toilet. There is alot of people beratur di luar toilet allready . So we wait lor~After that, we went for dinner. Then we prepared for the' Night Sense and Night Jungle Walk' program. Me n my frendz pakai our jaket so the nyamuk wont bite us. But we still fear leeches(scary). N then talks again. The trainer there( we called as Major) told us how the konw which 1 is our real eye n which 1 is the fake~ N the result is, my left eye is a fake N my right eye is my real eye~ Most of our(pengwas) right eye is the real eye. But kim yoke's left eye is the real 1. y so different leh??wadeva lar~ Then we do 'Night walk'. Seams scary~N
we have our password {tupai******} n our names change into numbers. Then we bortolak!!!
1st we walk @ the road, then we hands hold hands walk to the jungle. Well, we dont have our torchlight with us coz Major dont let bringT.T It is dark. We cannot c so we use our 5sense. Theris alot od booby traps like strings @ the ground to make u fall down n banyak lagi la~ N!! We us teamwprk. So i dint fell down. We walk walk walk then Major took us to the susah 'sikit' place to walk. Then suddenly...stop...we stop walking. Y leh??Becoz the road in front is too dangerous so cannot continue. N cannot patah balik, so... we walk a much more difficult road to go back the camp. Finally nearly going to b 1am, morning we reach our camp. I was so tired n sleepy, do our own personal things n then SLEEP!!!
Day 2
I wake up @ 4.30 am. So tired. But no choice. 1st i go brush my teeth with Eva. N after that we got ready for 'Morning Stretching'. Theb breakfast. It was also like yesterday. With all the Teamwork. Nearly everything we do needs teamwork. Our group 'Kelisa' was not bad, we have our self confidence. A camp fire program is going on 2night. So every group have to mempersembahkan 3 program. N we have time to prepare 4 the program. The 1st program wad magic show, then bla bla bla.. lazy to write edi..