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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas special *2010*

sry 4 d late update again. this christmas, well, as usual~ shoppinggg!!! :)
went sunway pyramid n saw snow thr.fake snow.== ...its made by bubbles.. jeez..

went to pavilion n 1U n mid valley too :D SHOPPING!!!

 Mid Valley
(my fav deco tis year^^teddy:))

 had dinner @ 1 of d fine dinning restaurant @ duno whr.==

 November sea breaze== its december d..jeez
on d 26th, @ 1U . had T.G.I Friday's for launch.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

冬至(Winter Solstice)

英文名称:Winter Solstice
 冬至(Winter Solstice),是中国农历中一个非常重要的节气,也是中华民族的一个传统节日,冬至俗称“冬节”、“长至节”、“亚岁”等,早在二千五百多年前的春秋时代,中国就已经用土圭观测太阳,测定出了冬至,它是二十四节气中最早制订出的一个,时间在每年的阳历12月21日至23日之间,这一天是北半球全年中白天最短、夜晚最长的一天
 this is nt 'tangyuan!' this is a bun ok??? haha xD
tmr is christmas eve!!! cnt wait!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

X-MAS greetings with SHINee

greetings from shinee!!! haha~ 
Link---------->  Christmas greetings - SHINee

SHINee - Haru (X-mas)

damn.. my mood isn't tat good today :( grr... bt after watching goguma couple, wow.. i feel better hehe

SHINee - Hello (acoustic)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Year end mash up!!! (part 2)+ b'day wishes :)

HEY READERS!!!!! 1 week later, i'm bck again!!!
sry 4de late updates. damn lazy.. :/

well, today i'm gonna update boutd days after camp and most importently mua b'day :D 
hehehe :)  gone nuts xD
after camp days was like..blah blah blah...:/ boriiiiiiiing~! naaanaaanaaa!!! watching tv..==..hate it so muchie!!!!! ntg to do laa... dun wanna study hehe wad to do. k...WORST THING!!! NO INTERNEEEETTTTTT!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! aw....readers dont fell sad 4 me.. u jz need to help my cry :D hehe~
after 2 weeks of suffering, i'm finallyy bck!!!!!

.==. i skip quite alot..jeez... well, on the 6th of december ...guess wad????
come on.. guesss x) hehehe~ okok. let me tell yaguys.. its MY BIRTHDAY!! HAHAHAHA come on say happy belated b'day to me readers. :)i dont mind recieving late presents :D hahaha. just joking. i'm gonna get a new keyboard. bt mayb next year. havent find a suitable 1 yet.. :( sad...
n i got my 1st ice cream cake!!! deliciousssss~!!! yumm yumm!!!daebak!!!*means best in korean* wahahahaha~!!!

 starting to mely :/

 ish...melting >.<

 candles!!! even worse!!! melted even more!!!

 hahaxD my disgusting cake

does it look...well..EW??????

hehe ^^ its in my stomach!!

 bye bye cake!! T.T i'll miz u. hope to c u nex time

went shopping @ queensbay :)

 ate @ winter warmers b4 goin camp :D

 thr's this fashion show.. :/ took some pics bt nt vry clear. so i dicided nt to upload :(

had dinner @ this..japanese restaurant. :/ doen't seem like 1.

well, tatz all. :( nt a vry good post. cz i'm kinda rush ^^ sryyyy~!!
will update after christmas :D i think...-.-...
 happy belated birthday to shinee's minho !!!!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Year end mash up!!! (part 1)


after 2 weeks of 'holidays' i'm finally bck!!! hip hip hureeyyy!!!

let me tell u the detials. on the 1st weeks i went for a 3days 2nite camping(26/12/2010 - 28/12/2010). er.. i mean CAMPING!!!!! officially camping :D muahahaaaa~ quite fun bt real tiring..:( i kinda miz my new frends thr..
i hav some photoes during pre-camp(before camp).
 our campsite :)nt done yet

 our camp site:)

 this is d equipment rack.*er...idk spelling.>.<*
uses snake lashing to tie that. i tie it!! :P

 our messy altar fire :)(place 4 us to cook)

 this is our cloths line + shoe rack

 this is for us to put firewoods on!! i made tat!!! :) proud of it.


 doin her cloths line n shoe rack :)

 flag poll!! i did tat by my self :) proud of it!!

tatz pre-camp. during camp i dint bring mua cameraaaa..x.x
lala wadeva!!! hahas
during camp, we make our own gajets. cook using firewoods(its intersting bt u needa put in alot of effort). i learn tat teamwork is vry importent :) everynight we sleep in the badminton court!! surprizingly it wasn't hot bt its cold!! hahaha~!! n.. come to think about it i reallly duno how i survive for these 3 days ^^ we bath in this.. er... toilet..T.T no door only a curtain..wad laa..with holes on it..:( jeez..on the 2nd day most of us wake up b4 4.30am. -.-... nuts???? after dressing up, we start to continue making our gajets. then cooking breakfast with firewoods!(although we dint eat==)i kinda fell down from this...twirllyyy stairs..== my butt T.T it hurts!!! haha~ i dun care~!!! blahhhh~!!!
we had our indoor campfire. cz the whether was nt as good on last friday. indoor camp was great!! n fun too :) well, every group need to hav their own performence. well guess wad our group did?? singin n dancing xD muahahahaaa!! the song was ' a new friend found'. it was vry fun!!!
on d last day of camp, we went for the funeral. all of us went n we gt rm10 in ang pau x) yipeee!!! then go bck n wait 4 aunt 2 fetch me.

wil update holidays year end mash up part 2 if i hav time to spear!! ;) bye pals!! 
thx 4 all d support readers!!!
presenting.. baby yoogeun!!! :) he's growing up pretty quick eh?? :) good night!!!